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We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to the customers who always show unsparing love of SEJIN TECH.

We provide you the best products and services with our motto of to be honest and to get public confidence.

SEJIN TECH is headed for the new epoch with an energetic thinking and progressive spirit. Also our company surely revitalized to harmonize with our customers.

We will devote ourselves entirely to take a leading position in weighing and packing field.

We have Quality Certificates (ISO 9001, ISO14001, CE, EM) to produce reliable and competitive Rotary packing M/C, Auto Weigher, and Packing Automation System.

We always manufacture products considering the position of customers, using the best quality parts, and applying know-how acquired from the technical cooporation with Toyo Jidoki (1996~2007), and eventually results in best quallity and durability.

And while Rice weighing&packing M/C (SP-10) is recognized as the best on in Korea, it also has the market share of over 75%. We have sales records of 3,000 units in Korean market 100 units in overseas market (U.S. Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine, China, Malyasia, Indonesia, India) for Rotary packing M/C, Auto weigher, Packing system, etc.

We always respond quickly to the request of After-sales service and focus most on customer satisfaction. For the future as we have done until now, we will do our best to provide the best quality and quick response.

Since 2008, we established R&D Center, and then led the culture "Eco-friendly Pakcing culture".

To take the lead "Culture of Packing", we are producing "Vaccum Deairation Filling Type System" through technical cooperation with Japanese company, MISUBISHI CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.

With efforts as above, we will be a company giving affluent life to our customers and share the happiness through contributing to the developing of the culture of eco-friendly packing.