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Retort &Liquid Filling Rotary Packing M/C [Liquid type]

Rotary Pouch Packing M/C


  • As a high-speed and accurate automatic rotary packaging machine(50~80POUCH/MIN) suited for retorted and liquid food, the gripper structure of the product made by STS precision casting(Long Type), can be used an expanded pouch size up to 200mm.
  • As an eight(8) position type, this machine is an excellent filling and sealing machine developed by our ling experience and high technology as the pioneer of retort food packaging industry.

Retorted Pouch food, Frozen food, Sauces, Soup, Juices, Processed seafood, Cooked food, Pickles, Liquid Detergent, Etc.



  • In the method of grooved cam type, driving parts which are 8 stations are excellent for durability and less noise.
  • Changing the pouch size can be made by a one-touch self-diagnosis process of simply turning a single handle to control all stages.
  • Sequence through PLC and an encoder, changing the program is very easy.
  • The center post is made of solid stainless steel casting to maximize durability.
  • By using cam operation and micro-manometer with a secondary cylinder (two-stage operation), the product ensures clean and elegant sealing.
  • The upper part of the packing machine is made of stainless steel to secure hygiene.
  • Easy speed controlling by invert.
  • What all surface is made by stainless steel is sanitary.


  • Capacity : 50~80 Pouch/min (Depend on filling material)
  • Pouch Size : W:90~200mm, L:100~400mm
  • Filling Method : Cylinder Pump
  • Filling Range : 50~300cc/500cc/1,000cc/2,000cc
  • Deairing : Press Type
  • Sealing Method : 2 Step Heat Seal 1 Step Cooling
  • Bag Magazine : Belt Conveyor Magazine(300~800EA)
  • Power : AC380V / 3Ø / 6kW
  • Air Consumption : 5Kg/cm2, 700NL/min
  • Machine Dimension : 3,127 X 2,360 X 1,780mm
  • Machine Weight : 3,400kg
  • Date Print : Hot Printer


  • Agitator
  • Level Switch
  • Tapping Device
  • Stand-up Pouch open device
  • Liquid Filling Method : Lever&Crank Type
  • Micro Computer Control Graphic Operation
  • Fill Waiting Operation


  • Print Devices (Inkjet printer, Thermal printer)
  • Air Compressor
  • Special Pouch Magazine (Cassette magazine)
  • Special Deairing Device
  • Various Filling Device
  • Safety Cover
  • Liquid Filling Method : Servo Motor Control Type

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