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Retort &Liquid Filling Rotary Packing M/C [Liquid type]

Rotary Pouch Packing M/C


  • Durable Mechanism
  • Noise Free
  • Touch Color Graphic Panel

Retort pouch food, Frozen food, Sauces, Juices, Processed seafood, Cooked food, Pickles, Liquid detergent, etc.



  • Designed in aspect for safety and sanitary.
  • Easy operation that makes it possible for everyone to use.
  • New mechanism for easy maintenance.
  • Easy washing and perfect waterproof.
  • Equipped with graphic operation panel.
  • Easy to change the pouch size with any tools.
  • Clean cut of bottom nozzle even filling of mixed solid material.


  • Capacity : 30~40 Pouch/min (Depend on filling material)
  • Pouch Size : W:150~290mm, L:150~380mm
  • Pouch Material : Various Laminated Pouch, Flat, Stand-up
  • Filling Method : Various pumps available depending on products
  • Filling Range : 50~500cc/600~1,000cc/1,100~2,000cc/1,500~3,000cc
  • Deairing : Press Type
  • Sealing Method : 2 Step Heat Seal 1 Step Cooling
  • Electric Power : AC380V / 3Ø / 3kW
  • Air Consumption : 5Kg/cm2, 500~650NL/min
  • Machine Dimension : W1,910 X L2,780 X H2,180mm
  • Machine Weight : 2,100kg


  • Discharge conveyor, Vacuum ejector for pouch opening, Funnel, Product counter, Heater disconnection alarm, Pouch open detector, Tapping device, Deairing device, No fill no seal device, Date printer(Hot ribbon printer)


  • Various filling device, Compressor, Special pouch magazine, Safety door, Date printer(Inkjet각종 충printer, Thermal transfer printer), Liquid filling method : Lever&crank type or Servo motor control type

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