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Automatic Pouch Rotary Packing M/C (DRY)

Automatic Pouch Rotary Packing M/C


  • The advantage of using ST-8A3 Automatic Pouch Packing Machine, medium-sized packing machine and eight steps of process control, is obviously its ability of various application and compact design for maximum sales impact. It is optimized for up to 5Kg of packing (such as cookies, crust, bean, candy, macaroni, and fast foods).

ST-8A2,Automatic Pouch Rotary Packing


  • Gripper is made of high tensile steel tooth, and to eliminate clamping error, link type is adopted instead of spring type.
  • Pouch size simply adjusted by handle.
  • User-friendly touch screen allows easy operation of machine to customers.
  • Sequence and encoder allows easy change of program.
  • Speed control can be done easily by control of inverter.
  • Stainless steel parts used for contact sections with filling contents products for the purpose of sanitation.


  • Capacity : 30~50 Pouches/min
  • Bag size: W: 150~290mm, L: 150~420mm
  • Bag material : Various Laminated Pouch
  • Bag type : Flat Pouch (3-Side Presealed)
  • Sealing method : Heat Seal
  • Power : 380V / 3Ø / 3kw
  • Air consumption : 5kg.f/㎠. 500Nℓ/min
  • Dimension : W: 2,660 x L: 2,330 x H: 1,600 mm
  • Weight : 1,500kg


  • Date printer
  • Stand-up pouch device
  • Zip-lock pouch device
  • Air compressor