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Automatic Pouch Rotary Packing M/C (DRY)

Rotary Pouch Packing M/C


  • As a high-speed automatic rotary packaging machine(60~90POUCH/MIN), the gripper structure of the product made by STS precision casting (Long Type), can be used an expanded pouch size up to 200mm and has a built in compression spring inside to enhance hygiene and safety.
  • Operating in high speed with less noise, the product is truly a labor-saving packaging machine.

Rice, grains, frozen foods, nuts, snacks, solid foods, mask pack, powder & granule-type materials (sugar, salt, seasoning, industrial goods), etc.

ST-8A1W,Automatic Pouch Rotary Packing


  • In the method of grooved cam type, driving parts which are 8 stations are excellent for durability and less noise.
  • Changing the pouch size can be made by a one-touch self-diagnosis process of simply turning a single handle to control all stages.
  • Sequence through PLC and an encoder, changing the program is very easy.
  • The center post is made of solid stainless steel casting to maximize durability.
  • By using cam operation and micro-manometer with a secondary cylinder (two-stage operation), the product ensures clean and elegant sealing.
  • The upper part of the packing machine is made of stainless steel to secure hygiene.
  • Easy speed controlling by invert.
  • What all surface is made by stainless steel is sanitary.


  • Capacity : 60~80 Pouch/min (Max : 90PPM)
  • Pouch Size : W:90~200mm, L:100~350mm
  • Pouch Material : Various Laminated Pouch (80micron 이상)
  • Pouch Type : Flat Pouch / Standing Pouch / 형상 Pouch
  • Sealing Method : 1 Step Heat Seal 1 Step Cooling
  • Electric Power : AC380V / 3Ø / 6kW
  • Air Consumption : 5Kg/cm2, 700NL/min
  • Machine Dimension : 3,127 X 2,360 X 1,780mm
  • Machine Weight : 3,400kg


  • Printer Devices (Inkjet printer, Thermal printer)
  • Safety Door

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