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Grid Scale

Grid Scale SGS-15

Blending Weigher (Flow rate, Mixed weighing system)


  • It is a distribution model, so relatively cheap, but its' performance is excellent.
  • It is an automatic weigher with Simple structure, Low price, and enough essential functions.

Rice blending, Rice flow meter, Coffee, Food blending

sejin tech grid scale SGS-15

Grid Scale SGS-15 Specifications

  • Control method : Flow Rate
  • Capacity: 7Tons/Hour(Rice, Mixed Grains)
  • Weighing range : 0.5kg ~ 15kg
  • Accuracy : ±10g~15g(BATCH weighing method)
  • Material : Product contact parts, STS304
  • Dimension(mm) : Main body, W: 730 x D: 410 x H: 310 mm
  • Controller : Muc-175(Individual)

Grid Scale SGS-15 Options

  • Rice Blending, Rice Flow Meter, Coffee, Food Blending

sejin tech grid scale vs traditional scale