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Auger Type Vacuum Compactor

Auger Type Vacuum Compactor



  • Prevention of dust, Safe surroundings in workshop
  • Reduction of delivery cost due to the reduection of volume
  • Prevention of defective sealing
  • High accuracy in weighing
  • High efficiency in filling powders
  • Reduction of filling time

Auger Type Vacuum Compactor,SAF-40GV/50GV


  • Improvement of working environment by control of dust occurrence
  • Compact packing by removing air in powder
  • Available to set up of the height into lower position
  • Easy maintenance
  • No contamination in the inner sealing part of the bag


  • Model : SAF-40GV / SAF-50GV
  • Filling method : One point load cell type
  • Weighing range : 5kg ~ 30kg
  • Weighing capacity : 1 ~ 2Bag/Min
  • Accuracy : ±10 ~ ±20g
  • Drive : Servo Motor (Mitsubish)
  • Filling control method : Bag up down servo motor control


  • Various use from small bag to flecon
  • Possible for substition of an inert gas