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SEJIN Tech is always best to work in good faith.

Vacuum Compactor & Auger Filler

SAF-40G+AF-1500. Phenolic resin degassing zone filling machine and automatic packing machine is
Auger Screw : Φ80m/m × 992m/m
Filter : Φ135 × 800m/㎖ (outside)
Filling Range : 10kg, 15kg, 20kg/Bag
Capacity : 2B/min
Filling Accuracy : +10g ~ +20g

Auto Bag Clamp Device : 2-Point Load Cell Auger Screw Filling
Capacity : 300B/hr
Empty Bag Magazine : 2-Block 120Bag
Bagging Conveyor : Up-Down Unit
Vacuum Compactor
Japan Mitsubishi Chempactor)